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The Mandarin Chinese program teaches simplified Chinese words and the Beijing phonics system. The curriculum is tailored for students who do not speak Mandarin at home. The teacher will use both Mandarin and English as mediums of instruction.

Merit Chinese school is offering the following classes:

1) Elementary School Level - Pinyin class, Mandarin Book 1 to Book 5 class.

2) Starting from Grade 2, Merit Chinese School offers a free, 30 minute Mandarin program alongside the Cantonese program. This 30 minute Mandarin session is integrated into the daily Cantonese lesson. The purpose of this is to enrich the knowledge of our students by gradually introducing Mandarin Chinese to them.

3) After the students have graduated from the Cantonese Elementary School, they can choose to attend a three-year Mandarin Middle School program to further their studies.

Please contact us for more information regarding our tuition fee and registration procedure for the Mandarin classes.

Students must be at least 6 years of age or older to register for Mandarin classes. Class placement is based upon age, level, and interest. An interview with the principal/teacher will be scheduled on the day of registration.